Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evaluation of 17-inch HP ProBook 4720s

17-inch high-end office good choice for business users

With the technology and chip operation increases, more and more notebook computers in terms of performance has evolved beyond the desktop PC performance trend, due to user demand, market demand, the current design of 17-inch screen Hp 395751-542 Battery has become the choice of many business people. They not only have a larger screen size, but also has a more top-level configuration, performance and advantages of the screen so that they can fully replace the traditional desktop office computers, as a lot of high-end business users the best choice.

HP ProBook series notebook computers tailored for business users,Compaq 100045-001 Battery with 17-inch big-screen business in this increasingly loved by business users, HP ProBook 4720s also created. Although the heavy weight of these laptops, but on the performance and feel is really top class, 1600X900 resolution 17-inch screen in the greater visual sense to the user, ideal for high-end business users to replace desktop computing .

Exclusive high-end business class configuration i7

Let us first look at high-end business notebook computer located in the HP ProBook 4720s configuration, it comes standard with Intel's new Core i7 M620 processor with 2.67GHz clock speed, with 4GB of memory, built-in 500GB hard drive, DVD burner , The standard ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4350 discrete graphics with 512MB memory. This large-size machine designed by 17.3 inches, Screen resolution 1600X900, body built-in wireless card, Bluetooth modules, high-definition cameras and fingerprint recognition,Hp 437403-541 Battery is fashioned for the top office is designed for business users work laptop.

Design specifications from the 17-inch we can see, HP ProBook 4720s positioning is a desktop alternative to the desktop business notebook, high-end conformation so he has a top performance, style and poise, simplicity and design of the atmosphere style it has become a classic business notebook products. Compaq 230608-001 Battery is currently pushing for this for the new HP ProBook 4720s has come to the Cubs online notebook channel, let the following detailed series of valuation and see why it would be best choice for high-end business users.

Simple and elegant appearance of the traditional steady

The simple elegant design make HP ProBook 4720s looks very simple in appearance, without too much decoration, circular power button quite satisfactory design is in the bottom of the screen, and the HP Logo screen echoes reflected a kind of calm and stability in business style.

HP ProBook 4720s top of the screen with a high-definition camera, while it also has face recognition, whether you are a business conference or break open the video with family contact, high-quality camera would be a clear picture of your filmed.

Simple and elegant, stable personality style is still reflected in the HP ProBook 4720s designs, which is HP ProBook series notebook's style. Both of the screen frame or shaft, Hp f1589a Battery can feel the HP ProBook 4720s unique business style.

Full-size keyboard size chocolate

HP ProBook 4720s full-size keyboard, small keyboard contrived for the region often need to hit the number of users more convenient. Hiroshima-style chocolate keyboard design is very nice feel to the keyboard, the appropriate key-way design allows users to tap the keyboard a long time will not feel tired. Keyboard border using paint technology, mirror effect to this style of business computers is also losing steady fashion sense.

HP ProBook 4720s camera body brand Logo are all posted on the right palm rest part. It is equipped with Intel Core i7's Logo, Windows 7 (Compaq 371785-001 Battery) Logo, ATI alone was the Logo, and the U.S. Energy Star certification. Although many brands Logo Fortunately, HP ProBook 4720s a larger body size, so size is obviously more affluent.

HP ProBook 4720s larger touchpad mouse, the user control up a very adequate, multi-touch technology allows users to browse Web pages and images when more convenient. The only regret is that the general sense of touch buttons here, it may be oversized reasons, but the overall design and workmanship was very good.

Interfaces with good rich full extension bar

17-inch sizes designed for HP ProBook 4720s has a larger fuselage,Compaq 54233-001 Battery also leaving enough for the interface configuration with ample space. As the battery design in the back of the fuselage, so HP ProBook 4720s only in front of the fuselage and left and right with interfaces, many complete interface to HP ProBook 4720s has a very extensive scalability, fully meet the business needs of the user's office.

Followed by the left fuselage from front to back USB interfaces, eSATA interface (although external devices using this interface is not universal, but the practical avant-garde HP ProBook 4720s was equipped with this interface), HDMI Interface, RJ45 network interface, VGA interface, , heat exhaust hole, and lock a computer.

Front panel on the left is the hard disk light, multi-one memory card interface, and audio output / input interface.

Since the right side of the fuselage with the drive, all can see only two USB ports, and power adapter interface to the back of the fuselage.

Fingerprint identification with high-end business orientation

HP ProBook 4720s located in the top-end business users, simple character, steady generous style and fashion products with integrated HP ProBook consistent style. It is the speaker (Hp f4452n Battery) design in the bottom of the screen shaft, which is above the keyboard,

Positive impression of the direction toward the user, although HP ProBook 4720s is not an entertainment laptop, but it still reflects the outstanding sound quality of its high-end positioning.

For business users, the information inside the Compaq pp2051a Battery is the most important, HP ProBook 4720s are equipped with fingerprint identification device to prop up the right palm below the number of Logo, Logo as larger and larger body, fingerprint reader does not really be discovered.

Business steady and fashion design style has left a deep depression on people, the keyboard around the mirror effect so this is a business notebook has a bright and stylish elements, details of the embodiment of HP ProBook 4720s are also failing in place, left and right speakers are equipped with soft spots, such a design is to protect the body from the shocks arising from security problems.

True color screen, high-quality visual wider

Screen is an significant part of Hp Hstnn-c16c Battery, HP ProBook 4720s the standard 17.3-inch screen resolution of 1600X900, the design of large size it can be replaced from the visual business desktop computers. By convention we will all angles from the screen to observe, to see if this piece of screen performance of the visual point of view.

Actual pictures taken from the above we can see, HP ProBook 4720s wide-screen viewing angle, from the point of view on all sides all have more good performance, the user to use the visual angle will be greater, will be more comfortable .

Integration of the measured weight of mold design

HP ProBook 4720s the bottom of the module using agreed design, which is not divided into several modules at the bottom of dismantling. This has the advantage of the product itself can reduce the mold cost, there is little that is more difficult to demolish. From the conformation point of view HP ProBook 4720s have no need for the design, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive is now the top has been configured.

Designed by 17-inch HP ProBook 4720s weight naturally light, let's look at it the weight of the actual test.

Single + Battery weight: 3.114 kg

With power on the total weight: 3.61 kg

Professional software testing View main parts

HP ProBook 4720s for high-end users to use Intel's new Core i7 M620 processor,Compaq Presario v2000 Battery has a 2.67GHz, 4MB 3 cache, with 32nm production process. This is also the current Intel Core processor, the highest class i Series processor. Have a strong processing execution, fully meet the various needs of end users.

GPU-Z software through testing we can see, HP ProBook 4720s the standard of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4350 has 512MB DDR3 discrete graphics memory, GPU is 450MHz,

Has a more powerful graphics execution. Fully able to meet the business needs of office users graphics performance needs.

EVEREST hardware detection scan parameters articles

EVEREST is our usual testing procedures, Hp Hstnn-lb93 Battery allows us to learn more about HP ProBook 4720s are equipped with detailed information on each hardware, the following test results will show us a more comprehensive HP ProBook 4720s.

Variety of professional software measurement machine performance

By convention, the system performance test, we use the most mainstream of the current test software PCMark 05/Vantage, objective test scores will show us in detail HP ProBook 4720s the performance in terms of performance.

From the above results we can see, HP ProBook 4720s performance in all aspects of performance, all have above-average operation, the Intel Core i7 processor and comes standard with 4GB of memory it had a strong performance.

3DMark 06 is the detection of HP ProBook 4720s graphics performance software, the same intuitive scores allow us to better understand the standard ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4350 discrete graphics later, HP ProBook 4720s how the graphics performance in the end.

Although HP ProBook 4720s is not located in the entertainment game machine, but the top 3DMark 06 test results we can see, HP ProBook 4720s in the graphics performance of a very good, enough to exceed the market are targeted at gamers laptop.

Windows 7 testing program also comes with a machine to measure the performance of our standard,Hp nb800aa Battery from the following test results we can see, HP ProBook 4720s in all aspects of the score are high, the configuration of the mainstream top performance for HP ProBook 4720s performance of very good data from these tests we can see that HP ProBook 4720s is a business located in the high-end laptop.

Standard 73W battery life measured time

HP ProBook 4720s the standard battery capacity of 73Wh, high-capacity battery enables battery life HP ProBook 4720s how much time, here let us look at it real to detect.

Through professional testing software BatteryMark test battery, we can see the design with the top 17-inch standard configuration of HP ProBook 4720s the life time of up to 5 hours 5 minutes, even with top-level configuration and the large size of the screen case can achieve such a long life time,Hp g70-100 Battery indicating that HP ProBook 4720s in the design and battery life is very good with respect.

Variety of gaming graphics performance measured

Although HP ProBook 4720s is not a game of entertainment-oriented PCs, but the test configuration and the above results we can see, HP ProBook 4720s than the absolute performance of mainstream gaming PCs now higher, in particular in the implementation of treatment .


From the above results we can easily see that the design stipulations by 17-inch HP ProBook 4720s when not only have a wider use of position, Intel's latest Core i7 processor equipped, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4350 also comes standard with discrete graphics allow this machine to reach the top in terms of performance level. 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive standard has reached the top level of the current notebook. High-end features make HP ProBook 4720s has to be compared with the performance of desktop, business users can meet their daily office needs. In appearance terms, HP ProBook 4720s continued ProBook series notebook usual steady and fashion design style, from design to work and so on all have a very good level, comprehensive view of all factors, HP Pavilion ze5000 Battery is ideal for high-end business users. Has a strong performance in the same time also have some portability, and I believe that office users, HP ProBook 4720s to allow them to escape the shackles of the desktop.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

16:10 screen fashion beauty of the HP dv2-1201AX

12.1-inch notebook HP DV2-1201,HP 4410t Mobile Thin Client Battery is the only individual graphics card with 12-inch ultra-thin models, and now this small notebook are designed, configured to the AMD L335 dual-core processor, with discrete graphics, WIN7 operating system .

Exterior, the HP DV2-1201 notebook purpose very sophisticated,HP Omnibook xe4100 Battery using a black magnesium alloy lid, and had piano paint process and membrane technology deal with India and Yang, the overall feeling of refined luxury, merged with the keyboard in black shiny ornaments, fashion style is made clear. While its equipped with the Altec Lansing (Altec Lansing) brand speakers, and built-in audio chip, to meet the user's delectation of the hearing. The machine is equipped with a 12.1-inch LED brightness display standard resolution 1280 × 800, bright colors in the public presentation but also low power consumption,HP Pavilion dv3-2100 Battery saving energy-saving advantages. Roof top of the screen a 1.3 million pixel camera, video communication to meet the needs of users, some degree of improved performance of this notebook's entertainment.

Configuration, the motorcar uses the AMD Athlon Neo L335 dual-core processor, 1.6GHZ frequency, 512KB secondary cache 1600MHZ FSB, comes standard with a 2GB DDR2 memory, 320GB 5400 rpm hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410 graphics card, preloaded Windows 7 system.

Interface side, with a HDM interface, 3 USB 2.0 interface, a VGA interface, a RJ45 interface, a set of headphones output interface, a group microphone input, multi-card reader. Network,HP Pavilion dv6900 Battery support 802.11b / g wireless LAN, 10/100M Ethernet, and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. Life, the machine uses a 6-cell lithium battery, life time up to 3 hours or so, according to the specific use environment.

Monday, April 12, 2010

HP 511 Business Notebook Computer office choice

    HP Compaq 511 (Hp 337607-002 Battery) notebook with Intel Core 2 Duo T5870 processor (2.0GHz frequency / 2048KB cache / 800MHz bus), Intel PM965 + ICH8M chipset, 1GB memory, 320GB hard drive, ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330 graphics card and the resolution for the 1366 × 768 14.1-inch display.

    Interfaces, the HP Compaq 511 (Hp 498482-001 Battery) notebook equipped with three USB2.0 Interface, 1 VGA, 1 个 RJ45, 1 个 external microphone jack, a headphone / line out ports, Combo Card Reader ( SD, MMC).

    Network, the HP Compaq 511 (Hp dm842a Battery) notebook provides a 10/100M Ethernet, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN.

    HP Compaq 511 (Hp Hstnn-cb70 Battery) notebook's body size 336 × 233.9 × 32mm, body weight (with battery) 2.27 kg, the official nominal life time is about 3-4 hours, depending on the specific time to use environment.

Monday, March 22, 2010

1.15Kg be accompanied by a partner Hewlett-Packard Mini 110

In the ultra-portable notebook market, Hewlett-Packard Mini2133, Mini2140, Mini1000 series of highly personalized look and feel gave you left a deep impression, and now, HPMini110 home once again assume the main role.

HPMini110 with 10.1-inch wide-screen design,Hp Omnibook xe4 Battery is equipped with IntelAtomN280 processor (1.66GHz GHz / 512KB 2 cache / 667MHz FSB), Intel945GSE chipset, 1GBDDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive and IntelGMA950 united graphics.

With many commercially independent compared to the mainstream of the Internet in this, the machine equipped with the AtomN280 processor and front-side bus frequency has some upgrading, so the performance is higher than the N270, a friend might like to look at this charming store and practical experience of the small.

Hewlett-Packard Mini110 the body size of 261 × 167 × 25mm, the body weight of 1.15Kg (with battery) / 1.455Kg (with battery and power supply).

It is equipped with 10.1-inch wide-screen 16:9 golden ratio, the maximum resolution of 1024 × 576. Its roof using printing technology, HP Imprint design, the top printed with beautiful patterns.

The aircraft fuselage provides the following interfaces: 3 USB2.0, 1 Ge VGA, 1 Ge RJ45, 1 group headphone / microphone jack and a combo card reader (SD / MMC).

Network, Hewlett-Packard Mini110 with built-in 10/100M Ethernet card and Hp 346971-001 Battery is equipped with 802.11b / g wireless LAN and Bluetooth wireless transmission module. Life context, the machine comes standard with 3-cell lithium-ion battery, the established nominal life time for 2-3 hours.

Hewlett-Packard Mini110 not only in hardware,Hp 462890-121 Battery has taken a different design (touch pad, power switch and wireless switch design), has also taken a different software design. It is built SyncablesDesktop software with other computers online, to achieve pictures, music, video, documents, bookmarks, etc. synchronization work. With this software, you can be more convenient and efficient use of the Internet and traditional computers in this work.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New HP Mini 5101 Notebook

This is the latest listing of HP's Notebook Mini 5101 family, books, body with 10.1-inch diagonal LED-backlit display design, 262 × 180 × 23.2mm measurings for the material body with aluminum-magnesium alloy and weighs about 1.2 kilograms, for business people it is very portable easy to use.
At the same time, HP notebook (Hp Pavilion dv3000 Battery ) VT217PA seamless use of large floating splash keyboard design, buttons slightly higher than those in the surface, contracting key error, but not easy to attract dust, so when compared with the previous devices easier to clean, maintain them is also particularly convenient. And 95% of the full-size keyboard and a touchpad that can provide a familiar full-size notebook computer use experience to make your computing experience easier.
The hardware conformation, the Hp Pavilion ze5600 Battery equipped with Intel Atom N280 processor, clocked at up to 1.66GHz, motherboard chipset Intel NM10, an integrated graphics performance, a good, standard 1G memory, 160G hard drive with a built audio chip, pre-installed Linux operating system, to meet diversified demands of customers.
Interface design, the Hp Pavilion zv6000 Battery has a 3 × USB2.0, supports multi-card reader and VGA video output port, in addition to power supply interface, cable interface, headphone out port, microphone input interface, integrated pixel camera, its support for 802.11b / g wireless protocol, quite rich.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

15-inch HP DV7-2003TX debut

    HP currently has various series of notebooks, in addition to AMD Yukon platform dv2 for the new model, there are dv3, dv4, dv6 and the most high-end DV7 etc., suitable for different user needs,Hp 378859-001 Battery has recently launched a DV7 notebook market, but also to win7 using the latest operating system.

HP Pavilion dv7-2003TX in appearing,Hp 395753-002 Battery continued dv5 luxury design, A side effect of using the same excellent piano paint design and equipped with luminous "HP" logo, in appearance has been able to attract many people's eyes . No frame design of the screen and metallic interior surface of the C coincides with, seemed to be especially high-grade and dignity, and compared with the previous DV7 if the performance is mainly the above upgrade.

HP Pavilion dv7, Model dv7-2003TX,Hp 411462-421 Battery has a super-strong performance, the processor uses the current CPU, one of the most powerful notebook: Intel Core i7 720QM, designed for the general users of multimedia system entertainment needs, the screen switch to the popular 16: 9 shows the proportion of use of 15.6-inch screen sizes, Pavilion dv7 is still built-in HDMI and VGA outputs, user-friendly to connect other display output device. The need for multimedia, built-in current maximum size of the Blu-ray combo drive, and supports DVD burning and CD-ROM CD-ROM burning surface possesses,Hp 443063-001 Battery can play high-definition Blu-ray discs, built-in 4GB DDR3 memory and has a 500GB 5400rpm SATA hard drive storage might be used 1TB better!

In addition to targeting video playback, Pavilion dv7 also has a strong graphics capabilities,Hp 482262-001 Battery is equipped with Nvidia GeForce GT 230M graphics card, built-in 512MB GDDR3 memory, onboard NVIDIA PhysX technology, gamers providing excellent gaming performance, while by virtue of its NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology features hardware decoding, so that playing high-definition video and more smoothly. Have outstanding performance in the Shadow of the Pavilion dv7, the sound is also in no unreliable terms, built-in Altec Lansing speakers and a set of HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer and join the two sets of speakers able to simulate effects of SRS surround sound technology, games or enjoy a movie with a scene like being back in the same ear.

HP Pavilion dv7-2003TX in the interface context,Hp ex940aa Battery with undivided fingerprint reader, 3 USB2.0, VGA port, HDMI port, ESATA interfaces, network connection, the built-in 10-100-1000M card, 802.11a/g/n wireless card . Operating system is preloaded with genuine Windows 7 Professional.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Core i3 HP CQ41

Hp Omnibook 6000 Battery used by i3-330M central processor that supports Hyper-Threading technology, although most low-end Core Duo processor i series, but its performance than Core 2 Duo P8700 has some increase, while the graphics card in the replacement of this product upgrades are also Another change from the original NV series of graphics cards and ATI graphics cards to replace the attendant use of the HD4350 graphics card

In today's society, more and pay attention to pay attention to high speed. More people tend to carry the notebook computer at any time to study,Hp Pavilion dv6100 Battery work or leisure. How to get the most low-cost prices more stable and practical, stylish and convenient laptop, let it help you a helping hand? Life at home Xiaobian to provide you with an updated and more comprehensive notebook of information, so that you can according to their needs, pick up their own products.

As a classic series of books CQ40 an upgraded version of HP Compaq Prsario CQ41-204TX in appearance consistent with the CQ40, just to distinguish between the old and new platforms to change models, Hp Pavilion ze4000 Battery used by i3-330M processor that seconds Hyper-Threading Technology, while yes i series of the most low-end Core Duo processor, but its performance than Core 2 Duo P8700 has some growth, while the graphics card in the replacement of this product upgrades are also another change from the original NV series of ATI graphics cards and the replacement of the The use of the HD4350 discrete graphics, In addition, the present provision of high-capacity 2GB memory and 320GB hard drive, built-in Bluetooth, Windows7 pre-installed operating system.